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Everyone is talking about business ethics, and with good reason. We have seen countless examples of bad corporate behavior, from the companies that manufacture products and provide services, to the auditors entrusted with the task of certifying their compliance with financial regulations. We also worry about conflicts of interest among those who are engaged in the trading of securities and selling of insurance, as well as those who have been given the responsibility of regulating the activities of business in the financial markets.

With all this talk about the ethics of business, one has to wonder, where do the ethics come from? Once established, how are individuals and companies addressing these issues and implementing their ethical values into their business? Where can you go to learn about corporate social and environmental responsibility? What about the companies in which you have made investments?

These are important questions, and it is hoped that this website will be of help to you as you search the internet for resources related to these matters. Search engines are very valuable; however, they often simply provide lists of websites in answer to your query, with no additional information. Here, you will find links to organizations, as well as a little background about them. Our goal is to organize them into areas of interest. You’ll find company mission statements and social audit reports; links to academic sites are provided, as well. Socially Responsible Investing is covered on its own page. There are also links to websites listing jobs that have a socially responsible component.

All listings have been obtained either through a public search or with the permission of the web source. Click one of the links on the right, to see listings in each of the areas of interest. This site is under continuous development, and your suggestions for links to include in the listings are very welcome.