Monsanto’s 2011 Sustainability Report: Cognitive Dissonance?

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If we were to look at the 12 leverage points described by Donella Meadows as the places to intervene in a system to try and change it, I believe we would find Monsanto at #12, the first step in the journey. Item 12 is Numbers. It is concerned with measuring and setting targets. Monsanto’s CSR report is full of numbers and targets, primarily aimed at increasing agricultural yield, which is the part of the problem they have been working on. But most experts who have studied world hunger as a system problem, say that poverty, inequality and distribution are the root causes. There is enough food being produced right now, to feed everyone, if we could just get it distributed. In fact, we produce 17% more calories per person today than we did 30 years ago, despite the increase in population. Why then, do we need to double production when the population is only growing by somewhere around 28%?

Business Ethics Training Blog
Interesting blog, with a focus on business ethics as an academic discipline.

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This blog is a result of my experience as both a business owner and as an employee during which I came across a wide variety of ethical and moral issues.

During a long career in international business including a number of e-commerce ventures – I’ve realized the importance of proper business ethics training to meet the growing challenges in the 21st century workplace.

Not only are these issues complex – many haven’t been seen before due to the rise of the internet, technology and the sweeping changes made to the way we work.

Globalization and the necessity to deal across cultures – what may be okay and permissible in one culture being taboo in another. Today even many small businesses outsource – and there are issues in that as well.

Hopefully this blog will seek to address many of these issues and more.

The Centre for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility
“The Centre for Excellence on Corporate Social Responsibility is being developed by The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum as one of the four pillars of the Canadian government’s action plan on CSR, Building the Canadian Advantage announced in March 2009. Over the coming year, this site will become the hub of knowledge on CSR-related practices and approaches as they apply to the extractive sector. The focus is to help Canadian companies doing business around the world, provide tools and information for all stakeholders, and to raise the bar for excellent CSR-related practices in the extractive industry.”