Study: CEO Salaries At Nonprofits Up In 2008

Pam Fessler
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It’s one of those things that irks charitable givers no end — the high salaries paid to some nonprofit CEOs.

And a new study by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, released Monday, shows that the top pay at the nation’s largest nonprofits rose again last year, with some eye-popping results. But the survey also found signs that these high-dollar salaries may be starting to turn around.

Seven-Figure Salaries

Here are some of the more striking numbers: $2.1 million for the director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York; $2.7 million for the head of a health care group in Boston; $1.3 million for the president of New York University.

The survey found that many nonprofit CEOs earned half a million dollars or more last year, and that the median pay raise was 7 percent. But to be fair, says Chronicle editor Stacy Palmer, most of those salaries were set before charities and foundations felt the effects of the recession.

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